Public law

Our firm has in-depth knowledge and vast experience in public procurement, the legality of administrative acts, administrative procedures, state liability, administrative and judicial expropriation, and public services. This allows us to advise our clients and represent them effectively in administrative and judicial proceedings and in alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in matters related to public law.

Furthermore, the firm provides its services in constitutional matters, such as tutela actions -particularly against judicial decisions-, review of tutela decisions, and public actions of unconstitutionality.



a) Legal advice and representation of the client in contractor selection processes and in relation to the execution of government contracts.

b) Legal advice in regards to associative schemes and subcontracts necessary for the execution of the state contract.

c) Legal advice in sanctioning procedures derived from state contracts, regardless of the applicable regime.

d) Legal advice and representation of the client in claims and judicial and arbitration proceedings arising from the state contract.

e) Legal advice and representation of the client in matters of State liability.

f) Legal advice and representation of the client in matters related to the legality of administrative acts.

g) Legal advice and representation of the client in disciplinary, tax, and police matters.

h) Legal advice and representation of the client in constitutional actions such as tutelage, public action of unconstitutionality, popular and group actions.

Notable Cases

Sale of the world's largest natural pyramid "Cerro Tusa"

We intervened in this important transaction as attorneys-in-fact for the owners of the famous "Cerro Tusa", which was decisive for the ecosystem and the conservation of the cultural heritage. Thanks to hard work, our team achieved a 20% increase in the value offered by the Government of Antioquia, which allowed the closing of the sale that today places this natural wonder among the ecosystems protected by the department.

Defense of a former public servant investigated for the execution of a contract without the proper approval of future effects

After months of investigation and several evidentiary practices, our team achieved the closing and filing of the investigation initiated by the Personería de Medellín against a former public servant. Our defendant was accused of having omitted the approval process of future effects prior to the execution of a contract for COP 20,000,000,000,000 that guaranteed the continuous provision of a public service.

Judicial expropriation of land where a mining trading company used to operate

After 30 years of operating in a property that allowed Carboantioquia to become one of the most recognized mining trading companies in the country, Carboantioquia had to close its doors as a result of the judicial expropriation of the property in favor of the ANI, for the development of the Pacífico 1 project. Our team represented Carboantioquia in a complex process in which we were able to prove the damages suffered by our client, thanks to which the Judge recognized a compensation of COP $7,000,000,000,000.

Award of contract in favor of Walter Bridge for the Civil Aeronautics nationwide IP communications system

Our firm represented Walter Bridge in the public bidding process 190011242 H2 2019 advanced by the Special Administrative Unit of Civil Aeronautics -Aerocivil- for the acquisition, installation, and commissioning of the IP voice communications system nationwide of the aeronautical telecommunications network. Within the framework of this bidding process, our team successfully defended the proposal submitted by Walter Bridge, as well as highlighted the shortcomings of the proposals submitted by the other bidders. Thanks to our effective intervention, Walter Bridge was awarded the contract for a total value of COP 9,633,761,807.

Award in favor of Pavimentar of a road infrastructure contract for the economic reactivation of the regions in Colombia

Our firm represented Pavimentar in the public bidding LP-DT-056-2020 carried out by the Instituto Nacional de Vías -Invías- for the construction of road infrastructure of the public works program "Concluir y concluir para la reactivación de las regiones" (Conclude and conclude for the reactivation of the regions) of the National Government. On this occasion, we were able to successfully defend the proposal of Pavimentar, who was awarded module 3 of this public bidding for the improvement of roads in the department of Risaralda, for a value of COP $25,326,500,049.

Award in favor of Consorcio Ciclo-Infraestructura of contract for the construction of cycling infrastructure in the Department of Antioquia

Our team represented Consorcio Ciclo-Infraestructura in the public bidding process No. 004 of 2018, advanced by the Instituto de Deportes de Antioquia for the construction of cycling infrastructure in the subregions of Occidente, Urabá and Norte del Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá, located in the Department of Antioquia. Our firm was able to demonstrate that the proposal of Consorcio Ciclo-Infraestructura was the most favorable for the entity and was awarded the contract for a value of COP $44,136,796,199.