Labor law and social security

We provide counseling on individual and collective labor law and social security. Our team focuses on corporate counseling to domestic and foreign clients, in connection with the hiring of personnel, management of individual and collective relations, Due Diligence, representation in judicial processes, and administrative proceedings, among others.



a) Reviewing and/or drafting of employment contracts, other agreements, and amending acts.

b) Preparation of legal concepts.

c) Handling of requirements and/or petition rights of employees and former employees.

d) Preparation and/or review of Internal Labor Regulations.

e) Legal advice in the handling of disciplinary processes of employees.

f) Legal advice and representation in tutelage actions.

g) Legal advice and representation in judicial processes and administrative proceedings.

h) Legal advice and representation in collective labor law matters – unions.

i) Legal advice and representation in social security matters.

j) Attending to the requirements of the administrative authorities in labor and social security matters.

Notable Cases

Negotiation of the collective bargaining agreement presented by a labor union

Our team advised Enecón in the collective negotiation of the list of demands presented in 2019 by the union Asociación de Eléctricos y Electricistas de Colombia “A2”. The list of demands included 25 labor, economic and socio-cultural demands, which were finally withdrawn by the union.

Direct settlement with worker involved in labor accident

Our firm defended Estudios Técnicos S.A.S. against the indemnity claim of one of its workers and his entire family, as a result of an accident that occurred at a construction site in which he lost his lower limbs. Thanks to the agile and strategic intervention of our team, the parties reached a direct agreement in which the client avoided the condemnation of billions of pesos.