Our firm has represented highly renowned national and international companies in the infrastructure sector during contractor selection for projects such as highway widening, exclusive public transport corridors, highway interchanges, wastewater treatment plants, educational institutions, network maintenance and overhaul, among others. Within that context, we have intervened in risk analysis and proposal drafting, and in later stages we offer legal counsel in the execution of awarded contracts, we assist in the set-up and analysis of economic claims and liquidation processes, and we represent our clients in the administrative, judicial or arbitration processes which may arise upon awarding, subscription, execution and liquidation of the main contract or its subcontracts.

• Contractor selection processes.
• Public-private partnership projects.
• Association models.
• Risk analysis.
• Guarantees.
• Legal assistance during contract execution.
• Court orders and penalties.
• Private and State contractual and tort liability for facts associated to infrastructure contracting and execution.
• Group actions.
• Disciplinary and fiscal liability.


Our firm offers legal counsel during set-up and trust creation for real-estate projects, as well as in construction law. This dynamic sector is an important business niche for Ariza & Marín, and the experience gained by the firm is the direct result of two decades of legal counsel in real-estate issues.

• Trust contracts.
• Commercial contracts for real-estate sale and acquisition.
• Commercial contracts for the subcontracting of goods and services.
• Guarantees.
• Consumer law.
• Builder's liability.
• Professional liability associated to the exercise of the engineering profession.


Our firm has provided legal advice to State and private utilities as well as users and project developers involving network expansion or replacement.

• Regulation
• Control
• Contracting manuals
• Uniform general conditions contracts
• Third-party contracts
• Network expansion and replacement


Our firm offers counsel to companies producing and commercializing goods such as furniture, hypermarkets and farm and hardware stores. In the services sector we offer legal counsel to companies in the health, hospitality, and real-estate brokerage and technology sectors.

• Contractor selection processes.
• Risk analysis.
• Guarantees.
• Court orders and penalties.
• Private and State contractual and tort liability.



Our firm has wide experience in private and State contracts of any legal regime. Legal counsel is offered from the pre-contractual stage, during contract execution and liquidation, and through all the judicial or arbitration processes which may arise from these.


Private and State liability which arises from a contractual obligation or from a fact or omission not related to a contractual relationship is part of the specialized knowledge of our firm. We have defended the interests of renowned clients in this area during contract execution and through the judicial and arbitration processes which may arise thereof, or from facts or omissions associated to their execution. Similarly, we take on the representation of our clients' interests in damage reparations derived from the State's tort liability.


Our firm has specialized knowledge and experience in administrative contracting, legality of administrative actions, administrative penalty proceedings, State liability, expropriation and public utilities. In fact, public administrative law constitutes one of our strengths; we offer counseling in this field in order to solve conflicts at administrative, judicial or arbitration courts.


In the area of consumer law, our office offers legal counsel in matters related to legal warranties, off-spec or non-compliant products, information, advertising and contractual protection. We have experience in legal administrative and disciplinary processes before the Superintendency of Industry and Commerce, as well as with group actions before civil and administrative jurisdictions.


Our firm strongly believes in the efficacy of so-called alternative dispute resolution methods and has wide experience in their implementation.


Our firm actively takes part in conflict resolution with the aim of preventing and avoiding litigation, however, it has wide knowledge and experience in their judicial and arbitration resolution. We have taken part in judicial and arbitration processes with high social and economic impact, where we have effectively represented the interests of our clients.